The ‘literally, just me’ podcast

In the summer of 2020, I took a leap and created my own podcast! I’ve always prided myself as someone who has things to say but never really had the right venue to say them. Or worse, that I felt I needed someone to ask me about things instead of just speaking what’s on my mind or speaking on whatever it is that I wanted to talk about. That changed.

The first “season”, if you will, of this podcast is going to be me rewatching a favorite TV show from my adolescent years. It’s called Instant Star and it’s essentially a teen soap about a high school girl who wins a singing competition (like an American Idol type of competition). It’s melodramatic and wonderful and I’m so excited to see how I’ll react to it now, being a woman in my mid-20s.

The podcast is currently available on Spotify, RadioPublic, Breaker and Anchor (with more sites to come soon!) If this show is up your alley, I would really appreciate it if you would give the show a listen and a follow. Thank you for your support.

Instant Star – 111: All Apologies literally, just me – a TV podcast

Hi all! We’re back talking more Instant Star. This time around we’ve got episode 111, All Apologies, and it’s a Tommy-centric episode! We learn about his past as boy band member of Boyz (yes, with a Z) Attack. And we get one last episode of Eden being a mean girl cliche because that’s apparently all that the show writers thought she was necessary for.  — The ‘literally, just me’ podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more! To get in touch with the host, Janae, email or @janaedoes on Twitter. Thanks for listening, I’ll see you next time.
  1. Instant Star – 111: All Apologies
  2. Instant Star – 110: Lose This Skin
  3. Instant Star – 109: Won’t Get Fooled Again
  4. Instant Star – 108: Unsweet Sixteen
  5. Instant Star – 107: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend)