About Me

Hello! I’m Janae.

me, traveling in Germany!

I am a full-time financial services professional located in the Midwest. My professional interests include consumer protection laws, personal finance, data visualization/analysis and voice acting work. I look forward to detailing my progress with both of these hobbies (and others) throughout my posts.

Janae Does…?

Its an interesting website name for sure! I considered a title that was more specific to a particular interest until I realized that I have no need to box myself into a certain set of interests. So I hope you’ll enjoy reading about everything that I love to do 😊

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an authority or the end-all-be-all on the topics I write about. The posts I write here and the analysis therein all exist for me to ponder and learn how to improve my skill set. This is where I write about my curiosities.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email: hello@janaedoes.com or use the contact form below.

Thanks for reading!

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